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• State of the art recording studio services which include:

Vocal recording
Backtrack production
Music Arrangements
MIDI programming
Mixing and Mastering
CD productions
DVD Productions
Voices for Christ label
Sound engineering
Sound equipment sales
IT Services


Backtrack Production

Creation of an instrumental arrangement using MIDI and live instruments (where required).

The track will include basic background vocals if it makes sense in the arrangement.

The track will be mixed and mastered

The score or a demo guideline of the track is to be provided by the requesting party and any specific requests in regard to instrumentation or vocals are to be provided in writing. The key, timing and atmosphere in which the track will be created have to be agreed upfront prior to any work being performed.

Deliverable: Master Track/s on an AUDIO CD (with and without vocals if applicable), OR a DATA CD with the WAV files.
The Studio gives permission to use the track for live performances purposes only. This does not include any rights to the song or music which must be obtained from NORM or SARRAL. The track may not be used for recording purposes and the recording rights of the track remains with the Studio. Permission to use the track for recording purposes may be obtained from the Studio at the cost of R3500-00 or on a profit share basis.

Price: R250-00 per track (cash on order) - The price may vary if specific live instruments are requested.

Please note that the track will be made available to other artists as part of the Studio product set. If exclusivity on the track usage is required, this will cost an additional R750-00, and the track will not be re-sold.

Any variations requested to the track will be charged at R200-00 per variation.


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